Thursday, February 4, 2010

Where did this Blog Go?

I have no idea.
You should know I still watch tons of TV, and I have lots to say about it -- maybe I am on my writers strike right now? Not sure. But the motivation to blog just hasn't been there, call it a small peak in an endless valley. But now that 'Lost' and '24' are back, maybe I will find my inspiration. For now, know this:

-24 sucks this year. I am just growing tired of the formula and I feel like I have seen this season four times already. Even the undercover risk your life bullshit comes from Jack in Mexico in season 2. I do love crazy Renee Walker though -- only saving grace so far.

-Lost kicked off in incredible fashion. Wow. The only thing I need to tell you is fully enjoy the experience, you need to read Jeff (Doc) Jenson the next day at Just click on 'Lost' in the header and wait for his day after recap...its usually about seven pages and its amazing. Its the solid supplemental reading to any good college class. Amazing work. Makes the show that much richer.

-SNL continues to be the biggest piece of shit on television. Jon Hamm wasn't terrible, but it was pretty bad.

More to come...I can feel it happening.

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