Monday, November 2, 2009

New Hires...

Let's just move forward to the press release where we announce our formal new hires for 2009-2010

1. Modern Family
2. FlashForward
3. Community (contract-to-hire)
4. V (hired w/o interview...strong letter of recommendation

That's it. This is all we added this fall -- lots of retention at DVR, Inc...

Quick Notes:
You can give dual Emmys right now to Don and Betty Draper (Hamm and Jones) for the 'Don's confessional) episode. Reminded of the time I watch Tony and Carmella fight in the bedroom in the last season the Sopranos -- you knew you were watching television genius unfold before your eyes. It was beyond awesome.

FOX needs to figure out how to make the baseball playoffs go faster. I know, how about playing almost every day like in REAL baseball all season long. Just do it, we will still watch.

I am enjoying 'Castle' and 'The Mentalist' this season a lot. 'Bones' hasn't been appointment TV though by any means.

Both 'Law and Orders' are having very solid seasons. I did delete an episode of SVU where they were going to make some abused kid have dinner with his abusive step dad as some sort of sting. Life it too short to have to sit through that.

I love love love 'Fringe' this year. And the same goes for 'Dollhouse', but I assume its on its way to the cancellation bin after the holidays, so I just hope they can wrap it up in style.

Still have all the episodes of 'Melrose Place' on DVR - may get to them, may not...same goes for 'The Good Wife' -- great reviews, etc...just not compelling right now.

I am also about to start 'The League' on FX.


AK said...

Watch for Jon Lajoie, aka MC Vagina. Check him out at

AK said...

Sorry - on "The League" that is...

dav3 said...

Was fox baseball really that slow? It seems like games that stay in the same city were played every day, then one travel day, then back to every day. You're saying they should travel and play on the same day?

It's far worse in the NBA and NHL.